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Steve Lamb
Head Coach, Girls 17-Steve

Steve was born and raised in Spring Valley. He started playing volleyball his junior year when his high school first started men's volleyball. It was there at Monte Vista High School that he had the opportunity to play for one of the county's top coaches, Tod Mattox.
After leaving high school, Steve got his first opportunity to assist at one of the top high school girls programs (Christian High School). It was there that he had the opportunity to work with Kim Bell as the girls JV coach and assist the boys and girls Varsity team. He stayed with that program for six years. Steve was the Head Coach at Olympian High School from 2014 -2015. In 2014 Olympian won the San Diego CIF Division 3 Championship. This was the first Women's Banner for the school. In 2015 Olympian won San Diego CIF Division 2 Championship, the team also won the CIF Southern Championship and lost in the State title game. The Southern Section Champions was the first in the school history. In 2015 Steve was named the Coach of the Year. " It was a great honor to receive that award but I feel the award should be named team of the year. That group of young ladies was very special and without them it would have never happened."
During his time at Christian High he also worked with Christian Heritage College as an assistant coach. He was part of Christian Heritages first NCCAA championship in women's volleyball in 1996.
Steve has been coaching club volleyball since 1990. He has worked with teams at Club Pacific and San Diego Volleyball Club. With San Diego, he had the opportunity to work with some great players that finished 2nd at the Volleyball Festival in 2000. That was a highlight in his coaching career.
In 2004, Steve coached the Epic 14-1 girls to a 2nd place Finish at the Volleyball Festival. His 2nd trip to the finals in 4 years.
In 2006, Steve coached the Epic 16-1 girls' team with Pat Bonner which finished top twelve nationally.
In 2007, Steve coached the Epic 17-1 girls' team which finished top fifteen nationally.
In 2008, Steve worked with Ozhan on the Epic 18-1 team that finished top fifteen nationally. He also assisted Mike Bonner with the Epic 15-1 team that won the Volleyball Festival.
In 2009, Steve coached the Epic 15-1 girls' team which finished 7th at the volleyball festival. He also had the privilege of working with his good friend Bert Novicio as an assistant with the 17-1 team. "Working with Bert this year has helped me so much as a coach".
In 2010, Steve was an assistant coach with the 17-1 and 15-1 teams.
In 2011 Steve coached our 16-2 team.
In 2012 Steve was the assistant coach with our 17-1 and 16-1 girl's teams and also was an assistant with our boys' 18-Darrell team.
In 2013 Steve coached 17-1 and assisted our 15-1 team. "This is a season that started off a little rocky to say the least, but turned into one of the greatest seasons ever. I really enjoyed coaching both teams with Breezy."
In 2014 Steve was an assistant coach with the 17-1 and 16-1 teams. "Working with Jay and Jim taught me so much about team building, I was very fortunate to learn from these two amazing men."
In 2015 Steve was an assistant coach with the 15-Breezy team.
In 2016 Steve was an assistant coach with the 18-Todd and 15-Breezy teams.
In 2017 Steve was an assistant coach with 15-Breezy.
Steve finally found a wonderful woman who can put up with him and got married in August of 2001. His wife Danielle is the Finance Manager for Epic and coaches as well. Steve is the Director of Administration for Epic.

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