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The Best Schools To Start Your Career In College Volleyball

It is very important for the amateurs to learn and begin to excel the game from their school days. It is very important for the children to play the volleyball game often and play it outside the usually high-structured environments. The children need to get exposed to the various versions of the volleyball as this would make the game more interesting and challenging. Making them watch the volleyball at a higher level will help them to know more about the game and the team spirit. You can also know more about the three divisions of NCAA.

1. Choosing The Schools Wisely

Depending on the student’s ability and their time frame they like to commit towards the game, they can choose their school accordingly. It is always advised to begin the researching process very early that eventually will bright up the chances of finding the best college. The College Factual’ sports ranking is quite acclaimed by many people. These ranking can be considered while the boys and the girls look for the schools. These rankings were decided based on factors like Athletic Competitiveness, Overall College Quality, the academic progress rate, the financial resources.

2. The Best Schools To Begin Your Volleyball Career For Men

The college volleyball season for men usually takes place in the spring season while the NCAA Championships are held in the month of May. Owing to the few men’s volleyball teams, the teams of Division I and Division II compete together in the NCAA Championship, while a separate championship is designed for Division III teams. Compared to the various other college sports, there are very few programs for men’s volleyball thereby making competition for scholarships intense. The Recruitment process usually begins in high school and children need to research well to find the college that would suit their interest.

According to College Factual, the best ten schools for men’s volleyball in a hierarchical order includes Ohio State University, University of Southern California-Los Angeles, Brigham Young University, University of California- Los Angeles and Irvine, Pepperdine University, Pennsylvania State University, Stanford University, University of Hawaii at Manoa and California State University- Long Beach

3. The Best Schools To Begin Your Volleyball Career For Women

The women’s volleyball is one of the popular sports to play in school. Usually, the competition and the recruitment process take place very early. Generally, full scholarships are awarded only to people playing Division I volleyball, while only partial scholarships are awarded to people playing Division II volleyball. Students who wish to concentrate more on academics can consider the Division III volleyball the best. The women’s volleyball season happens in the fall with the NCAA championships happening in the month of December.

According to College Factual, the best ten schools for women’s volleyball in a hierarchical order includes Stanford University, The University of Texas at Austin, Duke University at North Carolina, University of Denver, Southern Methodist University, University of Nebraska, University of Florida, University of Missouri- Columbia, University of San Diego and Marquette University. It is very important for the students to research well on the schools regarding the scholarships for volleyball, try working on their skills to meet the requirements and choose the best school suited for them.

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