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Playing Volleyball: My Experience From Amateur To Professionalism

Playing Volleyball at the highest level has always been my passion. I began my journey of playing professional volleyball from a very early age and it took a lot of time, hard work and struggle to become a professional player from an amateur. I consider my days of being an amateur of this sport to be a golden period in my life, as that was the period which thought me so much about professionalism in sport and about what it takes to represent your national team of volleyball at the highest level. It is very important for all students to know the best schools to begin your volleyball career.

1. Early Days Of Being An Amateur Volleyball Player

Being an amateur of the Volleyball team, I went through rigorous sessions of training. I faced a lot of issues with my hand movements as I was not able to get the perfect posture during the throws. Initially, I was not much aware of the exercises needed to keep oneself fit and healthy. As a result of this, I was constantly facing fatigue, tiredness, and fewer stamina issues. I never gave up despite the physical difficulties, as playing the volleyball at the highest level was my dream. I started training for more hours every day and ensured my mental stamina to be at the highest level. Identifying my weakness was the biggest step in my journey of becoming a professional volleyball player. Once identified, I was able to concentrate and work even harder in my weakened skills and turn them into my positives. During my initial days, I found it difficult to stick to my schedule and would often go off track from my practice session and become frustrated very easily.

2.Transition From An Amateur To A Professional Volleyball Player

As I constantly played games, I slowly developed consistency and began to exhibit my full potential in the game. I found my hit movement to get smoother than before. I was able to be consistent in all the games and slowly turned out to be a reliable volleyball player on the women’s team. Due to constant sincere practice, my movements became perfect with no issues in balancing. This provided me an edge over the other players as my attacking approach became quite interesting and tough for the opponents to deal with. I was able to tackle all the strategies put forward by the opponent as every pass was the same spot for me.

I was able to stay focused throughout the game irrespective of the game duration. Even at difficult times, I was able to stay confident, relaxed without any panic. Self-motivation and perseverance became my key to success. With the help of senior professional volleyball players, I was successful in designing a schedule and with determination was able to stick to the schedule every day.

The Technique of Self-analysing one’s game was the biggest lesson I learned through my day of early struggle. From then on, after every game, I used to analyze each movement of mine during the game irrespective of the result of the game. This provided me with a lot of confidence and strength as I became more knowledgeable and aware of my game. It also helped me to further enhance my attacking skills and form strategies to win the opponent teams. I would strongly suggest to people who aspire to become a professional volleyball player to be disciplined, follow the guidelines to become a professional volleyball player strictly.

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