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Over the last few years, the performance of the US Volleyball men team has been exceptionally good in various championships that take place throughout the year. Their performance has increased in notches and the results at FIVB World Volleyball Championship is an indication of their improved performance. After a very mediocre performance at FIVB championship in the year 2014 where they missed a berth in the Final six, the US men team came with a bang for FIVB 2018 championship and exhibited a splendid performance.

1. Stupendous Performance Of The US Volleyball Men Team In The 2018 FIVB World Championship

One of the remarkable achievements of the US Men was their stupendous performance in the recently concluded FIVB Men’s Championship 2018, as they bagged the bronze medal. This tuned out to be a brilliant historic tournament for the US mean team as they won their first nine matched in a row in this tournament and ended up bagging the bronze medal. This was the first such instance in the performance of the US Volleyball men team in a championship. The USA Men team defeated Serbia, Australia, Russia, Tunisia, Canada, Bulgaria, Iran, and Cameron.

2. Steady Transition In Performance At FIVB World Volleyball

Members of the U.S. men’s volleyball team celebrate a point at the FIVB World Championship on Sept. 21, 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The USA has always been a consistent participant in the world championship tournament ever since 1966. The USA Men team are currently ranked two in the FIVB World Ranking and have n impressive history in the FIVB Championship. In the year 2015, the USA team won the FIVB world cup which was their second triumph after the year 1985. The team has also won two FIVB World League gold medals. The first came in 2008 over Serbia, while the second one came in the year 2014 as a result of a win over Brazil. The performance of the US Volleyball Men team was widely appreciated by the experts around the world. One was able to trace the transformation of the team from being mediocre in the early days of the championship to the latest brilliant bronze bagging performance in the 2018 FUVB World Championship.

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