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Beach Volleyball World Tour Schedule Release And My Expectations From Team USA

Being a female volleyball player, I was beaming with happiness and expectations when the world tour for beach volleyball was announced, waiting to watch the USA team perform at the world tour of Beach Volleyball. I had a firm belief on the performance of the USA team as they had practiced rigorously and sincerely. The women beach volleyball was the latest sport to get sanctioned by the NCAA and the first championship took place in the 2015-2016 year. Being a female volleyball player, I had a great belief that my team would perform best to their talent and ability in the beach volleyball championship. This world tour was organized by FIVC (Federation Internationale de Volleyball). You can also know more about the three divisions of NCAA.

1. The Schedule Release Of The Beach Volleyball World Tour

The schedule of the Beach Volleyball World Tour was released with the events that would lead the way to the Olympics 2020. You can view the entire schedule of the world tour beach volleyball. The major highlights of the beach volleyball world tour were that it included three five-star Beach series events at Fort Lauderdale, Switzerland, and Austria. The other highlight was the five-star event that was planned to take place in Rome. This world tour of beach volleyball promised to be a sensational hit as it was the global elite professional championship of beach volleyball organized by FIVB for 2018 session.

The Venues were 47 in number, which means the games were hosted in 46 host cities. Additionally, there were 14 four-star events.  8 three-star events, 7 two-star events and around nineteen one-star events planned across the five continents. The organizers rightly termed them as the Beach Volleyball world tour. The schedule spread from the months of August 2018 till August 2019, which is nearly one year.

2. The Preparation Of The USA Beach Volleyball Team

I greatly believe that this world tour of beach volleyball would be a great opportunity for the USA women team to increase the points towards their rankings. This will the ideal platform for the USA team to strengthen their skills, get used to various grounds at various continents, work on their strengths and build on their weakness. I can confidently state that the USA team would do their best in utilizing this wonderful opportunity, earn the good number of points and increase their rankings which would be of great help moving towards the 2020 Olympics at Tokyo.

3. The Expectation From The USA Beach Volleyball Team

USA’s Kerri Walsh and April Ross

One big expectation from the passionate lovers of the beach volleyball game is that the USA team would be competitive in the field. I personally feel that many players of the team have taken special specific training on certain skills of the game. The teams look very promising with the right mix of experienced and the young amateur players. A special team of coach teams has been organized for the men and women beach volleyball team separately. The coaches with the team of experts ensured that the women and men team form specific strategies while battling against the components. With all these efforts and promises from the USA team, I have great expectations and belief that the USA team would perform extremely well on this world tour.

The world event, serving as an Olympic qualifier will be featuring a record pursue of nearly $1 million. The USA team decided to work hard, enhance their game skill set and gear up efficiently for this event. The confident talk from Walsh Jennings served as the boost for the entire team. She continued to boost the confidence of the entire team. Since the event is huge with nearly the world’s top 128 players playing it would be a great learning curve for all the players especially the amateur players to spike up.

There were roaring expectations from all the peoples of the United States from the women beach volleyball team in the world tour. The performance of beach volley team of USA was great over the last few years. The Summer Olympics turned out to be fruitful for both the men and the women beach volleyball teams. Over the years, the performance of both the men and the women beach volleyball teams have increased drastically leading to high expectations from the team for the world tour. The major expectations from both the men and women volleyball teams were to achieve the gold medals and bring glory to the United States. The team has undergone separate workshops to learn and master the mental and physical skills needed for the game.

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